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The New York Times. 36 Hours. Asia & Oceania

The New York Times. 36 Hours. Asia & Oceania

Asia and Oceania offer such a wealth of experiences that a lifetime seems too short to appreciate them. But with the right guidance, you can go far in a single weekend. Stylishly written and carefully researched, this updated and expanded collection of the popular New York Times 36 Hours feature offers you 60 well-crafted itineraries for quick but memorable trips, accompanied by hundreds of color photographs to fire your imagination. From the expected (skyscrapers in Hong Kong, beaches in Phuket, sushi in Japan, or surfing in Sydney) to the unexpected (views of Vientiane from a Laotian-style Arc de Triomphe, a mangrove swamp in Brisbane, the mythic beauty of the Li River in Guilin, or amusement park like public baths in Seoul) from gleaming metropolises and ancient temples to bustling streetscapes and dense jungles it s all covered in this handsomely designed and illustrated book.

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