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  • SJRLP21312 x Long Player  £18.00

Soul Jazz

Various Artists

Deutsche Elektronische Musik

Krautrock double cd pack comes in unique boxedition with large booklet extensive sleevenotes and exclusive photos soul jazz records release the 'elektronische musik' album featuring a stunning lineup of groups including cluster can faust popul vuh neu amon duul harmonia la dusseldorf tangerine dream as well as a host of lesser known groups such as kollectiv ibliss between and many more german rock and experimental electronic music grew out of the worldwide countercultural revolution of 1968 the objectives were to create a new music 'free' from the past influenced equally by the electronic experimentalism of stockhausen the progressive rock of pink floyd and the black american jazz and soul music played at the occupying armed forces bases young german artists seamlessly created out of this a new unique music with its own unique identity

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