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Billie Holiday

Lady In Satin

Jazz 180 gram vinyl Billie Holiday is undeniably one of the most influential singers of the twentieth century As the first vocalist to cite instruments and especially the horns of Louis Armstrong and Lester Young as her main inspiration she was one of the most relentlessly individual singers of the jazz age transforming silly tin pan alley songs into jazz standards But her biography also reads as one of the saddest tales of the modern age Her talents came at a cost the price seemed to be a predilection for bad men and an addiction to drugs 'Lady in Satin' is the last major recording of Billie Holiday that was released during her lifetime and it is also the most controversial Ray Ellis' seem like a harsh contrast to holiday's broken and fragile voice Ellis himself was at first disappointed by the quality of the recording it was only after listening more closely that he realized the beauty of these sessions and understood why Billie ranked this album as her favorite More than any of her other recordings 'Lady in Satin' calls for an emotional rather than a musical listening

  • Disc: 1
    1. I'm A Fool to Want You
    2. For Heaven's Sake
    3. You Don't Know What Love Is
    4. I Get Along Without You Very Well
    5. For All We Know
    6. Violets for Your Furs
    7. You've Changed
    8. It's Easy to Remember
    9. But Beautiful
    10. Glad to Be Unhappy
    11. I'll Be Around

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