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Pink Flag

New Wave Post Punk wire's debut is the smartest record of the '77 punk explosion a formally seamless suite of 21 songs in 35 minutes edited to the bone and graced with allusive thoughtful lyrics howled by colin newman like political slogans the band's crisp precise snap gets an awful lot of mileage out of their threeandahalf chords and their attack never lets up the album's minimal structures and snarly guitar sound are still hugely influential '12xu' has been covered many times and elastica's 'connection' is basically a rewrite of 'three girl rhumba' and its sequence is so perfect that the band that opened for wire on their reunion tour ten years later simply played 'pink flag' straight through including betweensong pauses this remastered reissue was overseen by colin newman and comes in a digipak sleeve with a 12 page booklet

  • 1. Reuters
    2. Field Day For The Sundays
    3. Three Girl Rhumba
    4. Ex Lion Tamer
    5. Lowdown
    6. Start To Move
    7. Brazil
    8. It's So Obvious
    9. Surgeon's Girl
    10. Pink Flag
    11. The Commercial
    12. Straight Line
    13. 106 Beats That
    14. Mr Suit
    15. Strange
    16. Fragile
    17. Mannequin
    18. Different To Me
    19. Champs
    20. Feeling Called Love
    21. 1 2 X U
    22. Dot Dash
    23. Options R

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