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Frank Turner

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George Edwards Group

Chapter III

60s 70s 'Chapter III' of The GeorgeEdwards Group archives draws from deep in the pockets of their sporadic later embodiment With their grand 70s dreams of Hollywood stardom fading Edward Balian and Ray George continued to track their winsome muse perhaps a bit more aggro and with a bit more dolour than they had back in the '3838' days Although late 60s Detroit was the seedbed for The GeorgeEdwards Group they had more in common with Silver Apples than the Amboy Dukes Enamoured of keyboard effects and sonic tomfoolery they developed their sound away from the scene slowly developing a spacily elegant pop music as the 70s passed by outside their basement lair Scoring their melancholic melodies with bells pianos and synthesizer led to something you might almost call baroque 'n' roll or perhaps like demos for Big Star's 'Third' In 1977 they laid down enough tracks to produce a whitelabel LP pressing that they dubbed '3838' however a trip to the Sunset Strip to drum up record label enthusiasm was a complete bust However without that pressing of 100 copies where would the legend of GeorgeEdwards be Instead based on ofttold tales Galactic Zoo Disks located the music and the band brought this wayward classic to Drag City '3838' received a first official release in 2009 to great fanfare The 21st century discovery of The GeorgeEdwards was also accompanied by a show or two still in the deep underground of course along with naturally the recovery of more tapes The 2011 GZD DC release titled 'Archives' brought to the light a few fuzz heavy rock cuts and deep synth dirges to add to the ethereal GE signaturenbsp 'Chapter III' throws the vault open once again with flair 'The 8th Circus' is a magisterial guitar lead couched in synth chirps and swoops all of which has a distinctive ASW After Star Wars vintage to it The classic GeorgeEdwards murk drifts through several sweet andsad songs before the bubblegummy bounce of 'My Love' pops up followed by the trappedinthefunhouse pastiche of 'Who Stole My Brain' Side two features a few surging tracks that recall Archives rockers like 'Shattered Heart' as well as several more ARPstringladen ballads in the classic '3838' GE tradition All in all an excellent third trip to the faraway heart of The GeorgeEdwards Group

  • 1. The 8th Circus
    2. Morning Light
    3. Does It Feel Alright?
    4. Weeping Rock
    5. My Love
    6. Who Stole My Brain?
    7. How Many Ways
    8. She Was All
    9. Wondrous Child
    10. The Voice
    11. Were We All So Young?
    12. The Children Sing