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Guided By Voices

Let's Go Eat The Factory

Clanging guitar chords stride across a roistering piano, and Robert Pollard adopts his steeliest voice to declare: "I challenge you to rock." Rise to his challenge and you'll be rewarded: Guided by Voices' return to the fray, eight years after their "final" album and 15 years after this classic lineup disbanded, is exhilarating, a kaleidoscopic burst of ideas and passion and absurdity. Songs tumble into each other, many lasting just a minute or two, yet each one distinct and compelling. Pollard has a gift for lollipop-sweet melody (Doughnut for a Snowman, Chocolate Boy) and lyrics both incisive ("They say you need to hurt/ to go rolling home") and bonkers ("Was mortified/ unfortified/ fixed my eyes on beautiful pies") but never overworks either, shifting from spiky garage to understated romance to queasy Beatles spinoffs as though dancing on hot coals. Add the surreal collages of Tobin Sprout, and this album ought to be a mess. But the band's fleetness keeps it taut, makes it grip. Maddy Costa - Gaurdian.co.uk

  • 01 – Laundry and Lasers
    02 – The Head
    03 – Doughnut for a Snowman
    04 – Spiderfighter
    05 – Hang Mr. Kite
    06 – God Loves Us
    07 – The Unsinkable Fats Domino
    08 – Who Invented the Sun
    09 – The Big Hat and Toy Show
    10 – Imperial Racehorsing
    11 – How I Met My Mother
    12 – Waves
    13 – My Europa
    14 – Chocolate Boy
    15 – The Things That Never Need
    16 – Either Nelson
    17 – Cyclone Utilities (Remember Your Birthday)
    18 – Old Bones
    19 – Go Rolling Home
    20 – The Room Taking Shape
    21 – We Won’t Apologize for the Human Race

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