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  • BDCD051CD  £6.00

Big Dada

King Geedorah

Take Me To Your Leader

Hip Hop Back in stocknbspIf you like KMD or MF Doom you will love this the man formerly known as Zev Love X's latest take on hip hop This time he's coming down from outer space to give us an alien view on our world and our hip hopnbsp

  • 1. Fazers
    2. Fastlane feat. Biolante
    3. Krazy World feat. Gigan
    4. The Final Hour feat MFDoom
    5. Monster Zero
    6. Next Levels feat. Lil’Sci, ID 4 Winds & Stahhr
    7. No Snakes Alive feat. Jet-Jaguar & Rodan
    8. Anti-Matter feat. Mfdoom & MR.Fantastik
    9. Take Me To Your Leader
    10. LockJaw feat. Trunks
    11. I Wonder feat. Hassan Chop
    12. One Smart Nigger
    13. The Fine Print

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