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Ninja Tune

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Ninja Tune

Dorian Concept

Joined Ends

The quest started earnestly, with a packet bought here or there, before my brother bought two 100pack boxes, each containing 500 stickers. In October 2014, Austrian musician and producer Dorian Concept will present his singular musical vision in its most widescreen form to date. His second album Joined Ends is the biggest, boldest work of his career, and a sheer, technicolour audible joy.
This album is sonic geometry at its finest. With layers upon layers of breathtaking chords, weighty bass lines and hypnotic synth phrases - the album sits somewhere between a floating lucid dream and a deep trip into a synaesthetic wonderland.

  • 1. The Sky Opposite
    2. Ann River, Mn
    3. Mint
    4. Clap Track 4
    5. Draft Culture
    6. Schadentrauer
    7. Nest Nest
    8. The Few
    9. Trophies
    10. Do, Undo, Redo
    11. 11.04.2012
    12. Tried - Now Tired

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