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Disco lovefingers and nitedog return to their blackdisco label for the 10th release straight up fun party jams for 4 different moments in the night lovefingers starts off side a with the pumping macho disco america cut from a freaky italian 45 and a stallion's staple and nitedog's anonstop project throws down the midtempo bassline bobber martial arts on side b lovefingers drops a funkyjunky eastern guitar stomp on slim jim another freaky 45 this time french and nitedog's anonstop project closes out with a super funky warm burner primates all heat no bullshit and of course no repress

  • 1. Movements
    2. Dem Phonies
    3. Juggle Tings Proper
    4. Inna
    5. Soul Decay
    6. Baptism
    7. Strange Behaviour
    8. Organ Skit
    9. Big Tings Gwidarn
    10. Sinking Sands
    11. Wisdom Fall
    12. Roots-Fi Discotheque
    13. Clockwork
    14. Cornmeal Dumping
    15. Fever
    16. Oh Yeah.....
    17. Motion 5000

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