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  • BDCD040CD  £6.00

Big Dada

Roots Manuva

Dub Come Save Me

Hip Hop Roots Manuva returns with an album that features five new tracks and five dubs using the desk as an instrument Fantastic rocking dubwise tunes coming on like an early 80's sound system set 'Dub Come Save Me' balances remixes of tracks from the album with altogether new songs leading off with 'Man Fi Cool' a glittering electro dub that's as impressive as anything he's done in the past Shortly after comes 'Revolution 5' yet another track it's hard to believe was ever left behind the supernatural pairing of Roots Manuva with another of the deepest rhythmatic rappers in the business Chali 2na from Jurassic 5 The dub versions are just as incredible with a parade of speakerrattling productions 'Highest Grade' 'Styles' and a rubbery remix of 'Dreamy Days' by another top British iconoclast Super Furry Animals Roots Manuva comes roaring back though with a synthmonster named 'The Lynch' the perfect bed for another great performance Fans of the single 'Witness I Manifest' can rest assured that it's present here as well in a suitably deconstructed dub that closes out the album It's the rare dub remix album that even comes close to the original 'Dub Come Save Me' nearly trumps the last one

  • 1. Man Fi Cool
    2. Highest Grade Dub
    3. Revolution 5
    4. Styles Dub
    5. Tears
    6. Dreamy Days (SFA Dub)
    7. The Lynch
    8. Brand New Dub
    9. Uk Warriors
    10. Witness Dub

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