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  • IMP11532CD  £6.00

Impulse!/GRP / Universal (1662)

Pharoah Sanders


Jazz 'the creator has a master plan' which takes up 33 minutes of this album is simply one of the most wonderful moments in free jazz with leon thomas' amazing vocal and a surging hypnotically repetitive main motif it's the pinnacle of late 1960s returntoearth spirituality you can get all jazzdude complicated and try to explain it or you can just listen almost all of both sides are taken up with a single composition 'the creator has a master plan' borrows the bass line and rhythmic pattern of coltrane's 'acknowledgement' and extends them in new directions the piece begins with a ringing crescendo of sleigh bells cymbals and flutes accompanying the forceful affirmation of faith by sander's tenor from there it moves through a series of moods some quiet and reverent others tormented and frantic which impress the listener with their unpretentious depth the voice of leon thomas enters the sphere of sound twice with a short benediction 'the creator has a master plan peace and happiness for every man the creator makes but one demand happiness through all the land'

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