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Away With Words

Away With Words

In the early 90s, cult flmmaker Wong Kar Wai and fellow Hong Kong director Jeff Lau established Jet Tone Films, an independent production company that has been responsib for some of the most remarkable flms to have emerged from the region, including this directorial debut from Christopher Doyle, the celebrated cinematographer of In th Mood For Love, 2046 and Ashes of Time among many othe Tadanobu Asano (Mongol) plays a drifter who jumps ship from Okinawa looking for solace from the gridlock of memories flling his mind. He winds up in the Dive Bar, where he comes into contact with its similarly disaffected patrons including Susie (Mavis Xu), Georgina (Georgian Dobson) and the gay, alcoholic Australian owner (Kevin Sherlock). With his customary hypnotic visuals, Doyle explores the characters