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The Witnesses

The Witnesses

This moving and powerful drama from the acclaimed director of 'Alice and Martin' and 'Strayed' follows the lives of a group of friends and lovers in 1980s France. Handsome young Manu (Johan Libérau) arrives in Paris where he shares a cheap hotel room with his sister (Julie Depardieu). He soon strikes up a platonic friendship with fifty-something Adrien (Michel Blanc) who introduces Manu to his friends Sarah (Emmanuelle Béart) and her partner Mehdi (Sami Bouajila). Unexpectedly, sparks fly between Manu and Mehdi and the two embark upon a secret and passionate affair that will ultimately change everybody's lives. Brilliantly evoking the period and featuring some exceptional performances, André Techiné's remarkable film confirms his place as one of contemporary French cinema's finest directors.