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More Or Less. The Specials Live

The 'best of the best' tracks taken from the Specials 2011 European tour dates.

Starting off in Amsterdam and doing a kind of clockwise trek around Europe, including, Berlin, Munich, Milan, Cologne, Hamburg, Paris and finishing in Brussells. Moving onto the UK including Manchester, Glasgow, Nottingham, Cardiff, Coventry, London and more. The band moved from sell out show to sell out show.

It’s a live set of exceptional quality, and was recorded at different venues in Europe and the UK during the 2011 tour. The band have selected the best of all the live recordings. It’s a set in which the audience play a crucial role, cheering the band on and singing on many tracks, but always adding to the excitement rather than proving a distraction. And the songs about race, unemployment, or the importance of have a great time, still sound as rousing, thoughtful and relevant as ever.

  • CD 1:
    1. A Message To You Rudy
    2. Do The Dog
    3. It's Up To You
    4. Nite Klub
    5. Doesn't Make It Alright
    6. Concrete Jungle
    7. Too Hot
    8. Monkey Man
    9. (Dawning Of A) New Era
    10. Blank Expression
    11. Stupid Marriage
    12. Too Much Too Young
    13. Little Bitch
    14. You're Wondering Now

    CD 2:
    1. Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)
    2. Rat Race
    3. Man At C&A
    4. Hey Little Rich Girl
    5. Do Nothing
    6. Pearl's Cafe
    7. Stereotype
    8. Ghost Town
    9. Friday Night, Saturday Morning
    10. International Jet Set
    11. Gangsters
    12. Guns Of Navarone

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