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The Horrors



If it was true that The Horrors were once a band whose influences drowned out what they were trying to say then they have now finally found their voice & they don’t need to shout. ‘Skying’ is the perfect evolution from the superb ‘Primary Colours’. You can hear what was learnt from their time with producers Geoff Barrow & Chris Cunningham & now The Horrors have gone it alone (in their newly self-built studio) to produce a truly stunning album which sees them comfortably find a more classic sound without losing any of the urgency or edge which put them in this position. No more needs to be said about an album which will rival all comers to be ‘most played’ on the Rise stereo in 2011.

  • 1. Changing The Rain
    2. You Said
    3. I Can See Through You
    4. Endless Blue
    5. Dive In
    6. Still Life
    7. Wild Eyed
    8. Moving Further Away
    9. Monica Gems
    10. Oceans Burning

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