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Fela Kuti: The Reissues


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  • WIGLP286Long Player  £13.00

Drag City

Bonnie Prince Billy

Wolfroy Goes To Town

Will Oldham gathers Ben Boye, Van Campbell, Shahzad Ismaily, Emmett Kelly, Daniel Kiely and Angel Olson under his Bonnie Prince Billy aegis to spin the yarn of 'Wolfroy Goes To Town'. His 'Slow Fade' audio book with D.V. DeVincentis aside, this is his first musical release this year, quite odd for the usually prolific troubadour, but maybe he's just easing into middle age gracefully and glacially (before you know it we'll only hear from him when he can get to the local telegram station). So, what to expect of this outing? In the best sense, more of the same Bonnie Prince his legion of devotees are always patiently waiting for. Smoky, back country crooning and swaying harmonies, whiskey-slowed guitars and wheezy pump organ waft together with the intoxicating allure of a sunday afternoon spent sipping local ales in a family-run tavern in the Lakes, while running your fingers through your accomplished beard and rubbing your corduroy slacks among the horse brass. In all seriousness, this is lovely stuff and few others can create such a subtly vivid atmosphere as this guy and his anointed players.

  • 01 No Match
    02 New Whaling
    03 Time to Be Clear
    04 New Tibet
    05 Black Captain
    06 Cows
    07 There Will Be Spring
    08 Quail and Dumplings
    09 We Are Unhappy
    10 Night Noises

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