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Sonic Cathedral



*** Comes with exclusive bonus disc & art print ***

The Bristol-based four-piece are the loudest, most abrasive band on Sonic Cathedral to date, and one who make a mockery of those articles that crop up every now and again asking if guitar music is dead. “If guitars are supposed to be dead,” wrote Drowned In Sound in their review of 2013’s ‘Hunge r’ EP, “it’s probably because Spectres have killed them.”

They certainly find influences in all the best places: first album My Bloody Valentine, ‘Sister’-era Sonic Youth, the Loop of ‘Heaven’s End’, Swervedriver’s Creation-days desert-gaze, A Place To Bury Strangers’ total sonic annihilation and Royal Trux’s squalid noise on ‘Twin Infinitives’ to name just a few. The album opens with the ominous and unsettling white noise and dark found sounds of ‘Drag’ and is unrelenting for the next 50 minutes, taking in first single ‘Where Flies Sleep’, a re-recorded version of ‘The Sky Of All Places’, originally released early in 2014 as part of the Too Pure Singles Club, and ‘Sea Of Trees’, which was given away as a free download to attendees of Sonic Cathedral’s recent 10th anniversary show at the 100 Club in London.

  • 1. Drag
    2. Where Flies Sleep
    3. The Sky Of All Places
    4. Family
    5. This Purgatory
    6. Mirror
    7. Blood In The Cups
    8. Sink
    9. Lump
    10. Sea Of Trees

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