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  • MOND40Long Player  £30.00


Howard Shaw


In collaboration with Howe Records, Mondo is pleased to present the “two cover” LP for director David Cronenberg’s classic mind and body-bender films Scanners and The Brood with original scores composed by Academy Award-winner Howard Shore.

Available for the first time ever on vinyl, Scanners/The Brood features cover art by Sam Wolfe Connelly on both sides of the packaging, and is pressed on 180 gram vinyl with two colorway options: a Scanners-themed Bone Vinyl with Brown & Red Splatter mimicking the infamous head explosion and a Brood-themed Gray Vinyl with Green Splatter to represent Nola's external womb.

  • 1. Main Title
    2. Vale Captured
    3. Ephemerol
    4. The Ripe Program
    5. The Injection
    6. Dirge for the Assassins
    7. Vale's Lonely Walk
    8. The Dart
    9. Scanners Duel
    10. The Shape of Rage: A Suite for 12 Strings

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