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  • 9781616893996Book  £13.00

Alexandria Redgrave

The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide: How to Split Wood, Shuck an Oyster, and Other Simple Pleasures

The basic structure of the book will be inspired by the existing editorial focus of the Kaufmann Mercantile reference section, which explores various topics through both interview and essay formats. Serving as an entertaining, educational encyclopedia of sorts, we explore our select subjects in close detail, offering both an intimate connection to the reader through interviews with craftspeople and makers, as well as historical overviews of the materials and detailed "how-to" instructional essays. This should be a book for everyone, a practical manual for use in our everyday life. General tone and overall aesthetic is approachable, whimsical and without pretense. This book is about bringing back the pleasure of doing it, making it, cooking it, and building it - yourself. It will offer clear, concise, simple-to-follow graphics, guidelines and directions, and provide informative, entertaining interviews along with well-researched, detailed explanations. It should be inspired by the practicality of the classic Farmer's Almanac, the inspired humor of the writings of M.F.K. Fisher, and the clarity and simplicity of beloved instructionals, such as The Joy of Cooking. Using the Kaufmann Mercantile references as a starting point, we will create an exciting combination of visually compelling imagery, deeply researched essays and intimate interviews, offering readers a vivid, in-depth look into the materials and products of their everyday lives.