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One Little Indian

Jesse Malin

New York Before The War

America Canada Jesse Malin returns with a brand new album 'New York Before The War' Arriving almost five years on from his last record 2010's 'Love It To Life' Jesse's artistic ambitions for 'New York Before The War' were high he knew he had to make it count I wanted to make a record that encompassed everything I've done since I started with my hardcore band Heart Attack when I was twelve or thirteen through bands like D Generation and then my solo career but I also wanted to challenge the listeners who have been with me and challenge myself Pared down from close to forty songs 'New York Before The War' album more than matches that ambition a soundtrack to a life lived with meaning This is an era when music is so disposable Malin worries People talk about the death of the album and even the death of rock and roll But this is not just a shuffle of songs There is a cinematic thread a story

  • 1. The Dreamers
    2. Addicted
    3. Turn Up The Mains
    4. Oh Sheena
    5. She's So Dangerous
    6. The Year That I Was Born
    7. Boots of Immigration
    8. Freeway
    9. Bent Up
    10. She Don't Love Me Now
    11. Death Star
    12. I Would Do It For You
    13. Bar Life

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