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Various Artists

DJ-Kicks - Mixed by Nina Kraviz

How much do you really know about Nina Kraviz? She’s a Russian techno DJ, an accomplished producer, one of dance music’s breakthrough names of the last five years. True enough, but there’s so much more to her story than that. She’s one of electronic music’s most interesting characters, someone who has stuck to her musical guns since day one, someone who has wide-ranging roots that run deep in the past, yet she’s also the embodiment of the future. Her signature sound is a raw blend of house and techno with a very acidic feel. If that feels very now, Kraviz has a lot to do with it, which is why she was asked to mix the latest instalment of !K7’s landmark ‘DJ Kicks’ series. The result is up there with the best in the ‘DJ Kicks’ back catalogue. It’s a sublimely crafted set, deep and trippy, like you’ve tuned into a mysterious pirate radio station in the dead of the night or stumbled across a stream from an illegal party. Fourteen of the 30 tracks are exclusives from Kraviz’s трип label, including three of her own: ‘Mystery’, ‘IMPRV’ and ‘Prozimokompleme’. “People probably know me for my Dance Mania-inspired, stripped down jacking groove style of DJing but the idea behind this particular mix was to create more of a trippy underwater vibe. A mysterious, sonic journey, inspired by the times I used to listen to late night radio growing up and imagine that all the sounds brought to me via the radio waves came directly from space.”

  • 1. Egotrip - Dreamworld (Acapella)
    2. Nina Kraviz - Mystery (DJ
    3. Area - Broken Glass Everywhere
    4. Prototype 909 - Atma
    5. Goldie - Truth
    6. Bjarki - Revolution **
    7. Nina Kraviz - IMPRV **
    8. Bjarki - Polygon Pink Toast **
    9. Population One - Bonus Beat **, w/ Flatner / Ingram Project
    10. Breaker 1 2 - In The Distance **
    11. Steve Stoll - Pop Song **
    12. Bradley Strider - Untitled
    13. Stanislav Tolkachev - I Will Not Pee In The Pool
    14. Armando - Pleasure Dome
    15. Nina Kraviz - Prozimokompleme **
    16. Baby Ford - 24 HR
    17. Fred P - Higher Mentalism (edit) **
    18. Exos - Nuclear Red Guard **
    19. Steve Stoll - Corona
    20. Freak Electrique - Parsec
    21. Population One - Out Of Control (Vocal Mix) **
    22. Exos & Octal - Grow **
    23. Porn Sword Tobacco & SVN - Complaints A
    24. Plaid - Oi
    25. DJ Bone - The Vibe
    26. Adam Beyer pres Conceiled Project - Pattern 1
    27. Polygon Window - Quino
    28. Nikita Zabelin feat. dBridge - So Lonely **
    29. Rizhome - Coridor **. ** exclusive

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