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Cocteau Twins

Stars & Topsoil - A Collection 1982-90

New Wave Post Punk crazily limited deluxe double white heavy vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with printed inner bags 'stars and topsoil' cocteau twins' collection of the best of their 4ad years is belatedly issued on vinyl perfectly suited to the format there's a greater cohesion to the tracks when they are split into four sides following their ascent from alternative novices to universally acclaimed artists 'stars and topsoil' is a fine testament to one of the most original bands to emerge in the last three decades over a career at 4ad that spanned six albums and seven eps cocteau twins retained an intriguing uniqueness of style that defied comparison elizabeth fraser vocals robin guthrie guitars and simon raymonde bass guitar were always fiercely protective of their privacy preferring to let the music speak for itself it spoke volumes and continues to do sofrom day one cocteau twins had something special liz's glittering vocals unintelligible and perfect robin's edgy guitar all grounded by simon's bass this chronological collection is a fitting reminder of why cocteau twins are so important musical visionaries who transcended convention yet achieved massive international success

  • 1. Blind Dumb Deaf 3:47
    2. Sugar Hiccup 3:41
    3. My Love Paramour 3:38
    4. Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops 4:11
    5. Lorelei 3:43
    6. Pandora 5:26
    7. Aikea-Guinea 3:57
    8. Pink Orange Red 4:38
    9. Pale Clouded White 4:59
    10. Lazy Calm 6:34
    11. The Thinner The Air 3:16
    12. Orange Appled 2:50
    13. Cico Buff 3:46
    14. Carolyn's Fingers 3:06
    15. Fifty-Fifty Clown 3:11
    16. Iceblink Luck 3:18
    17. Heaven Or Las Vegas 4:55
    18. Watchlar 3:17

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