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The Black Keys


  • STH2244CD  £6.00



60s 70s Soul Funk holy grail of private press jazz funk reissued in full with bonus tracks it's not often that a sample clearance claim against a record company turns out to be an altogether pleasant experience stones throw inked a deal with singer songwriter pianist and manintheknow matthew larkin cassell to issue his complete works after the man himself heard his 'heaven' from his superb and superbly rare album 'pieces' used in the madlib production '3214' from 'madvillainy 2 the madlib remix' to be fair madlib had no idea he was using cassell's work until he put two and two together and realized what his source material a japanese bootleg 12 labled 'mlc' stood for and who wouldn't want access to the multitracks to mlc's breakbeat laden 'my life' madlib certainly did and mlc wanted to see his catalogue reissued so here we are and everyone's happy limited press vinyl version contains 17 tracks from the complete 20 track cd and digital edition including of the entire 'pieces' album