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  • STH2138CD  £7.00

Stones Throw

Aloe Blacc

Shine Through

60s 70s Soul Funk back in stock aloe blacc debuts as a solo artist with his first stones throw album although he has been a mainstay of the indie scene since 1995 when he hooked up with producer exile to form emanon these days he has evolved into a true renaissance man dubbed 'the indie r kelly' by turntable lab recordings like his latin cover of john legend's 'ordinary people' prove that not only can this multiinstrumentalist produce rap and sing but he can flip it in spanish too with an amazingly broad set of influences ranging widely from the acoustic guitar stylings of cat stevens to the soulstirring sounds of the negro spirituals aloe prides himself on the spectrum of his musical roots his sound often forays into the digital rb realm but always grooves with a tinge of latin and the pulse of hiphop adventurous soul music with a fine balance of drama and minimalism produced by aloe himself madlib and oh no

  • 1. Whole World
    2. Long Time Coming
    3. Are You Ready
    4. Busking
    5. Bailar
    6. Nascimento (Birth)
    7. Dance For Life
    8. Patria Mia
    9. Shine Through
    10. Caged Birdsong
    11. Arrive
    12. Want Me
    13. One Inna
    14. I'm Beautiful

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