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Thrill Jockey

Eleventh Dream Day

Riot Now!

With its members doing time in Tortoise and Freakwater, Eleventh Dream Day have been a part-time proposition for most of the past decade. But all hands sound fully engaged on their first album since 2006, which opens and closes with glorious echoes of X's overdriven guitars and yowling male-female harmonies. Riot Now! also nods to Neil Young's droog-rock primitivism, pairing waves upon waves of guitar skronk with desperate declarative commands: "It's time to cut the damned tree down!" Start swinging.

  • 1 — Damned Tree
  • 2 — Cold Steel Grey
  • 3 — Satellite
  • 4 — That's What's Coming
  • 5 — Divining for Water
  • 6 — Tall Man
  • 7 — Sonic Reactor
  • 8 — Away with Words
  • 9 — Maybe This Time
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