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  • DS035CDCD  £7.00

Domino / Double Six


Return to the Ugly Side

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The journey for Malachai has been circuitous, taking us back to the ugly side of love. You've not tuned into a fairly tale, but a tragedy... The monster that wants only to be loved but whose affections remain unrequited by all the beauty he surveys. The sense of dislocation is a watery reflection of the beast himself staring back and the slights are all but self-inflicted, but the pain is no less profound. In the solitude of his loneliness, the monster must take comfort in the fact that tomorrow is another day and the sun will come up again, at least until it doesn't.

Love hurts, man... love hurts.

  • 01. Monsters
    02. Anne
    03. Mid Antarctica (Wearin’ Sandals)
    04. Rainbows
    05. In The Hole
    06. (My) Ambulance
    07. Distance
    08. Monster
    09. The Don’t Just
    10. How You Write
    11. Let ‘Em Fall
    12. No More Rain No Maureen
    13. Snake Eyes
    14. HyberNation

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