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TV On The Radio

Nine Types of Light

This is TV on the Radio at its most melodic and accessible, the music never succumbs to formula. Guitars scratch to the surface then recede, alien keyboards loom and then dissipate, strings add stately beauty even as horns wail like R&B sirens. Overlapping rhythms push things onto the dancefloor, then drop out like a trapdoor beneath the dancers’ feet. In much the same way “Nine Types of Light” reminds us to savor our most precious, intimate moments, because they can disappear in an instant.

  • 1. Second Song
    2. Keep Your Heart
    3. You
    4. No Future Shock
    5. Killer Crane
    6. Will Do
    7. New Cannonball Blues
    8. Repetition
    9. Forgotten
    10. Caffeinated Consciousness

    Deluxe Edition Only
    11. All Falls Down
    12. Will Do (Switch Remix)
    13. Will Do (XXXchange Dancehall Mix)

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