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Highline Records

Sweet Lights

Sweet Lights

Bowlegs Unsigned was created for bands and musicians like Sweet Lights, those making music that should be heard. Bowlegs has spent the last few weeks riffling through the many MP3′s recieved trying to uncover a truly worthy Unsigned artist, and then out of the blue we hear the track ‘Are We Gonna Work it Out’. An ominous intro is soon overtaken by a bobbing bass-line and wave of acoustics – all of which amalgamates into an urgent heart beat, close knit vocals and a fine selection of guitar riffs. And then, to our delight, we discover there is a whole album of this stuff - and it all sounds just as good! . The record is a warm embrace of sweet voices, jangled guitars and a safe-haven for welcoming melody. Need proof? just check the free download of the excellent ‘Message on the Wire’ at the bottom of this page.

  • message on the wire
    are we gonna work it out
    endless town
    red lights
    you won’t be there
    hundred needle pins
    relate to you
    ballad of kurt vile #2
    tell us all about it
    here comes the son

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