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Honest Jon's



Actress’s ‘Splazsh’ [Honst Jons, 2010] was widely regarded as one of the best albums of the last ten years, and Darren Cunningham, to give him his full name, has just announced full details of his follow up. ‘R.I.P.’ will be out on Monday 20th April 2012. The press release is such a shining example that we’ve posted the entire thing below. A particular highlight is the revelation that the album is loosely based on Milton’s Paradise Lost and Jamie James’s Music Of the Spheres, and follows a biblical structure, beginning with the Ascension and ending with the writing on the wall.

  • 1. R.I.P.
    2. Ascending
    3. Holy Water
    4. Marble Plexus
    5. Uriel's Black Harp
    6. Jardin
    7. Serpent
    8. Shadow From Tartarus
    9. Tree Of Knowledge
    10. Raven
    11. Glint
    12. Caves Of Paradise
    13. The Lord's Graffiti
    14. IWAAD
    15. N.E.W.

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