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  • WARPCD216CD  £10.00

  • WARPLP216LP  £15.00

Warp Records


The Ghost In Daylight

** All preorders will ship with a free copy of 'Ultraskull' - a set of comics and diagrams done by Nick Talbot**

Gravenhurst (aka Nick Talbot) is a respected artist, lyricist, poet and satirist; part of a truly British lineage stretching through Jarvis Cocker, Neil Hannon and Morrissey to name a few. it’s been almost five years since the release of his acclaimed third album ‘The Western Lands’, yet support at media for Gravenhurst has only grown. The album is evocative of a dark and atmospheric place, ever-changing and conjured from disparate ingredients. Gravenhurst’s roots lie in the melodic noise of My Bloody Valentine, the lush vocal harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel, the alchemical guitars of Richard Thompson and Johnny Marr, and the widescreen ambient visions of Brian Eno.

  • 01. Circadian
    02. The Prize
    03. Fitzrovia
    04. In Miniature
    05. (Carousel interlude)
    06. Islands
    07. The Foundry
    08. Peacock
    09. The Ghost of Saint Paul
    10. Three Fires

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