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Downtown Records

White Denim



‘D’ is the fourth White Denim album after a download only album from last year, 'The Last Day Of Summer'. 'The Last Day Of Summer' signalled a relatively softer, poppier shift in the band's music, following 2009's tremendous 'Fits'. White Denim's modus operandi remains to hybridise radically clashing styles of music at an often bewildering speed. Certain elements and influences are played down this time: there's less vintage Detroit rock, less Hendrix and Funkadelic. Instead, White Denim have never sounded more like a band from Texas, with an enhanced quotient of southern rock and country, among other things (check the beautiful closing western swing baroque of 'Keys', with its prancing steel solo). At the same time the newly-expanded four-piece have never sounded more modern and experimental.

  • 1 — It's Him!
  • 2 — Burnished
  • 3 — Back at the Farm
  • 4 — Street Joy
  • 5 — Anvil Everything
  • 6 — River to Consider
  • 7 — Drug
  • 8 — Bess St.
  • 9 — Is and Is and Is
  • 10 — Keys
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