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Talking Heads

Talking Heads 77

New Wave Post Punk vinyl reissue complete with original artwork and remastered audio pressed on highquality 180 gram vinyl in addition it comes with a unique redemption code enabling customers to download the complete album as mp3 files from wwwvinylpluscom when they burst out of the new york underground cbgb's movement the heads stood apart from the pack because not only were they unlike anything that gone before they were even anomalous to their contemporaries a million miles from the detached irony of blondie or the willful primitivism of the ramones the talking heads virtually invented geekrock setting the stage for everyone from the violent femmes to they might be giants lyrically david byrne came off as the guy who thought too much about everything fortunately he also happened to be a unique visionary whose quirky hypercerebral modernism echoed the work of poet john ashbery and 'serious' composer robert ashley all this highmindedness doesn't detract from the infectious rock n' roll appeal of the tunes on the band's debut album though their twitchy preppiesonamphetamines rhythms and semineurotic gestalt fueled tunes like twisted anthem 'psycho killer' and the jubilant 'pulled up' byrne's high yelping tenor was the perfect complement to the band's tightlywound but kinetic rhythms and '77' is an auspicious debut

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