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  • LC0163 x CD  £25.00

Les Cousins

Davy Graham

Anthology 61-07

Les Cousins Music proudly presents Davy Graham: Anthology 1961 – 2007 Lost Tapes – a three-disc compilation of “lost” recordings made throughout the enigmatic artist’s career.

This collection reveals the private and public musician, and includes the first recording of “Anji” from a reel to tape machine as captured by Len Partridge in 1961. This tape is “THE” tape that revealed Graham’s style to Bert Jansch in Edinburgh long before Davy appeared on Vinyl. It also showcases Davy as a hardworking musician playing incendiary blues and fusion to folk-club audiences in 1966 and features recordings that demonstrate Graham’s eclectic and developing repertoires, as he grew older.

Davy Graham is without doubt the undisputed guitar hero of British folk-blues clubs. Revered by other musicians for his remarkable and wildly inventive playing, Graham dominated the acoustic scene in the early and mid-1960s with performances that were, for the period, startling and unique.

Martin Carthy described him as “an extraordinary, dedicated player, the one everyone followed and watched – I couldn't believe anyone could play like that”; while the late Bert Jansch said he was “courageous and controversial – he never followed the rules. He's my absolute hero, always will be.”

Graham remains a true hero to the British folk scene and world music at large. His pioneering techniques and influence has resulted in some of the greatest pieces of guitar-based music being created. Davy Graham is the ‘unsung hero’ of British Music and long will he remain a pervasive and inescapable influence upon it.

  • 1. Southbound Train
    2. Here Comes the Carnival
    3. Hallelujah I Love Her So
    4. Take Five
    5. Careless Love
    6. Anji 1961
    7. Saturday Night Shuffle
    8. Fannin Street
    9. How Long
    10. Hey Bud Blues
    11. Geno's Tune
    12. Broonzy Stomp
    13. Fingerbuster
    14. Worksong
    15. Guitar Shuffle/House Party Starting
    16. She Moved Through The Fair
    17. Mustapha
    18. Better Git IN Your Soul
    19. Davy's Train Blues
    20. Sermonette
    21. Maajun
    22. I'm Ready (Live)
    23. Rock Me Baby
    24. Neighbour, Neighbour
    25. Louisiana Blues
    26. Freight Train
    27. Anji
    28. Anji's Greek Cousin
    29. Blues Raga
    30. When Did You Leave Heaven?
    31. Bruton Town
    32. Tristano
    33. Rock Me
    34. Good Morning Blues
    35. Hornpipe for a Harpsichord
    36. How Come You Love me Like you do?
    37. The Gold Ring
    38. Happy Meeting In Glory
    39. Blue Bossa
    40. DeVisee Suite
    41. All of Me
    42. Sita Ram
    43. Hessamalo
    44. For a Princess
    45. Mevlut
    46. City and Surburban Blues
    47. Jenra
    48. Down The Back Lane
    49. Forty Tonne Parachute
    50. The Preacher
    51. Jubilation
    52. Rumores De La Caleta
    53. Capricho Arabe
    54. New Junkies Blues

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