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Nurse With Wound / Graham Bowers


Due to popular demand this work is now available as a very limited double vinyl LP in a special edition for Record Store day 2012.

Fascinating composition combining plunderphonic sample techniques with bold string orchestrations in disorienting, mutating arrangement. Housed in glossy 6-panel digipak** ""...a life as it is now, is not what it was, and never will be again". This work is an attempt to create a musical illustration of the 'goings-on' in the brain during the last hour and three minutes of a life after suffering a major stroke. The piece is multi-layered and is primarily concerned with the the internal chaos caused by the loss of control of thought processes, responses and consequential actions, with all types of incoherent disjointed memories and present real time events - as well as moments of lucidity, panic and fear - clashing, merging and evolving. When the complexity of the human brain's retained information and the inherent properties which constitute a 'life', an 'individual', a 'person' are catastrophically damaged after blood - 'life's fuel' - ruptures the previously organised and essential control centres, absolute mayhem follows. The cold, hard, indisputable truth, and one that we all have no alternative but to accept, is that "...a life as it is now, is not what it was, and never will be again