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Prefuse 73

The Only She Chapters

After years of side project rumblings and rambling beat-head records, Guillermo Scott Herren has finally taken a welcome detour with a weightless collection of cuts that has more in common with neo-classical compositions than manic MPC workouts.

“This record is a weird one for me,” Herren admitted in a press release. “The process features all women vocalists and voices and the music was recorded very differently from how I normally work. This can be seen as a departure from other albums but it’s not a departure intended to leave people feeling alienated or baffled. It’s just a different way to interpret my music and it’s an open invitation for anyone that wants to listen.”

  • 1. The Only Recollection of Where Life Stopped
    2. The Only Valentine’s Day Failure
    3. The Only Contact She’s Willing to Give [ft. Faidherbe]
    4. The Only Chamber Resolve
    5. The Only Hand to Hold [ft. Shara Worden]
    6. The Only Thief to Steal Tonality
    7. The Only Trial of 9000 Suns [ft. Trish Keenan]
    8. The Only Way to Find [ft. Nico Turner]
    9. The Only Test to Score
    10. The Only Boogie Down [ft. Niki Randa]
    11. The Only Direction in Concrete [ft. Zola Jesus]
    12. The Only Recollection of How Things Change
    13. The Only Guitar to Die Alone [ft. Adron]
    14. The Only Serenidad
    15. The Only Lillies And Lilacs
    16. The Only Lillies And Lilacs Pt. 2 [ft. Faidherbe]
    17. The Only Repeat
    18. The Only Recycled Intro

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