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  • WTR002VL2 x Long Player  £18.00

Walk Tall

I Am Kloot

Hold Back The Night - I Am Kloot Live

British European Recorded on I Am Kloot's 2013 winter tour 'Hold Back The Night' is released on double CD and on limitededition double vinyl Live renditions of tracks from 2010's Mercury Prizenominated 'Sky At Night' and 2013's 'Let It All In' rub shoulders with earlier gems such as 'Twist' and '86 TVs'CD Double CD with 6 bonus tracks as a download

  • Disc: 1
    1. These Days Are Mine
    2. Northern Skies
    3. 86 TV's
    4. Bullets
    5. One Man Brawl
    6. Let Them All In
    7. Shoeless
    8. Hold Back the Night
    9. I Still Do
    10. Fingerprints

    Disc: 2
    1. Morning Rain
    2. To the Brink
    3. Some Better Day
    4. Lately
    5. Dead Men's Cigarettes
    6. Radiation
    7. Proof
    8. Because
    9. Twist
    10. From Your Favourite Sky

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