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Marissa Nadler


Marissa Nadler lays the listener - and herself - on the line with ‘July’, her sixth full-length album in nearly a decade.

Recorded at Seattle’s Avast Studio, the album pairs Nadler for the first time with producer Randall Dunn (Earth, Sunn O))), Wolves In The Throne Room). Dunn matches Nadler’s darkness by creating a multi-coloured sonic palette that infuses new dimensions into her songs.

Eyvand Kang’s strings, Steve Moore’s synths and Phil Wandscher’s guitar lines escalate the whole affair to a panoramic level of beautiful, eerie wonder. The results are astonishing and occasionally reminiscent of David Lynch.

  • 1. Drive
    2. 1923
    3. Firecrackers
    4. We Are Coming Back
    5. Dead City Emily
    6. Was It a Dream
    7. I've Got Your Name
    8. Desire
    9. Anyone Else
    10. Holiday In
    11. Nothing in My Heart

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