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  • CDSEWM244CD  £7.00



Let's Take It to the Stage

60s 70s Soul Funk despite it's misleading title funkadelic's 'let's take it to the stage' is not a live album this 1975 studio release is what many funkadelic aficionados consider the band's last true rockfunk album before clinton and co concentrated entirely on more dancebased and radiofriendly material it is also the first parliamentfunkadelic release to prominently feature the talents of the groups' recently acquired bassist the outrageous bootsy collins whom many regard as the very embodiment of funk 'let's take it to the stage' also finds parliamentfunkadelic on the verge of shedding its longlived cult status and finally reaching wide spread commercial success the title track in which shots are taken at other popular '70s funk figures such as sly and even the godfather of soul james brown gloriously displays the band's sense of humour so do the sexually suggestive 'no head no backstage pass' and the album's partyanthem highlight 'get off your ass and jam' other top funk workouts include 'stuffs and things' 'better by the pound' 'good to your earhole' the more serene 'be my beach' and the albumclosing largely instrumental 'atmosphere' 'let's take it to the stage' continues funkadelic's winning '70s streak the cd adds one bonus track 'baby i owe you something good' from us music with funkadelic

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