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  • 8122795539CD  £15.00


Keith Jarrett

Original Album Series

One of the most significant pianists in jazz to emerge since the 1960s, Keith Jarrett’s musical career spans across four decades, during which he has been continuously growing as a powerful improviser. His solo concerts have earned him international fame, he has led dynamic quartets / quintets, performed classical music, and later played explorative versions of standards with his long-time trio.

The Atlantic label and its subsidiary, Vortex, was where he began his solo career, and 1968 marks the shift from Keith Jarrett the sideman to Keith Jarrett the leader. From 1966 to 1970, Jarrett was the pianist in Charles Lloyd’s quartet, probably the most popular jazz outfit of the late ‘60s, and in the early ‘70s, he was working as a member of Miles Davis’ band, while recording as a leader for the label.

  • Life Between The Exit Signs
    1.Lisbon Stomp
    2.Love No 1
    3.Love No 2
    4.Everything I Love
    6.Long Time Gone (But Not Withdrawn)
    7.Life Between The Exit Signs
    8.Church Dreams

    Restoration Ruin

    1.Restoration Ruin
    2.All Right
    3.For You And Me
    4.Have A Real Time
    5.Sioux City Sue New
    6.You’re Fortunate
    7.Fire And Rain
    8.Now He Knows Better
    10.Where Are You Going?

    Somewhere Before

    1.My Back Pages
    2.Pretty Ballad
    3.Moving Soon
    4.Somewhere Before
    5.New Rag
    6.A Moment For Tears
    7.Pouts’ Over (And The Day’s Not Through)
    8.Dedicated To You
    9.Old RagThe Mourning Of A Star
    1.Follow The Crooked Path (Though It Be Longer)
    2.Interlude No. 3
    3.Standing Outside
    4.Everything That Lives Laments
    5.Interlude No. 1
    7.All I Want
    8.Traces Of You
    9.The Mourning Of A Star
    10.Interlude No. 2

    El Juicio (The Judgement)

    1.Gypsy Moth
    2.Toll Road
    3.Pardon My Rags
    4.Pre-Judgement Atmosphere
    5.El Juicio
    6.Piece For Ornette (L. V.)
    7.Piece For Ornette (S. V.)

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