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Electronic 'Funkstorung' is Funkstorung's 4th longplayer After a ten years break this album comes along like a twisted Janus' head on a perfectly toned body It's everything you've expected from glitch hop's inventors and everything you have not For those eagerly awaiting the moment Funkstorung would come around the corner with a new innovation of electronic music just like they did with their first record This time they did not Instead they do what they do best and take up the path they started to carve with 'Disconnected' Luscious pop songs with heavy backbones illustrious guests adding heartfelt vocals to a bed of fizzing basslines It is a very vocal album there are guest singers on nearly every song on the record but they do not domineer the sound of it They all just contribute to a fresh version of Funkstorung that has ripened a bit and got seasoned with a hell lot of flavour Some of the voices on 'Funkstorung' have been part of the family for a while some of them like Jamie Lidell are new collaborators But whether with old friends or newfound partners all of the 14 songs on the album get to the heart of electronic pop As a whole the record seems so well balanced it's ready to be an instant classic Each of the songs transports a timeless quality of content sunny vibes which would go as well with a very expensive wine in front of a fireplace as with a plastic cup of beer and rubber boots at a muddy festival Instead of concentrating on glitches and breaks the effort of the two producers has gone into growing every sound into perfection one can feel that no time pressure fixated a detail onto the wrong place Like the duo say the record is 'evolution not revolution' The album comes in a beautiful sleeve design by lauded graphic artists Zeitguised and Sebastian Onufszak All of the tracks on 'Funkstorung' have a magnetic quality but still some of the tracks stick out like the free DL 'Laid Out' feat Anothr coming with a hookline so big even your granny you won't get it out of her head for a week Or 'So simple' the collaborative effort with Jamie Lidell whose smooth soul crooning fits the chrome glistening hip hop beat like a velvet glove 'Funkstorung' is a very confident record not desperately trying to be zeitgeisty but most certainly up to date2LP Double LP with DownloadLP Double LP with Download and Poster and Bonus Tracks

  • 1. Fall Into You (Feat. Audego)
    2. Laid Out (Feat. Anothr)
    3. IATC
    4. So Simple (Feat. Jamie Lidell)
    5. HPE
    6. Drown in Time (Feat. Anothr)
    7. CHNNL
    8. Killers (Feat. Taprikk Sweezee)
    9. SLO
    10. Who Is Who? (Feat. ADI)
    11. All the Things (Feat. Anothr)
    12. I Love Him So (Feat. Jay-Jay Johanson)
    13. KRKTR
    14. The Other Way Round (Feat. Anothr)
    15. Solute

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