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A Dream Outside

***Signed copies whilst stock lasts***

British European Limited copies come with a four track bonus CD of demos North London's Gengahr release their debut album 'A Dream Outside' on Transgressive Recorded and coproduced with James Bragg at Middle Farm Studios the band follow 'She's A Witch' with new single 'Heroine' saccharine pop hooks that knit together the band's woozier tendencies marking the track out as one of the tauter moments on 'A Dream Outside' Led by its bounding bassline it's an earworm from the off and as it descends into the murkier depths of guitarist John Victor's solo thrashing things take a turn for the giganticLP With Download

  • 1. Dizzy Ghosts
    2. She's a Witch
    3. Heroine
    4. Bathed in Light
    5. Where I Lie
    6. Dark Star
    7. Embers
    8. Powder
    9. Fill My Gums With Blood
    10. Lonely As a Shark
    11. Trampoline

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