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Because Music

Zbigniew Preisner

Trois Couleurs Rouge

Zbigniew Preisner is a self-educated composer. He developed his notoriety as a movie composer due to his collaboration with Krysztof Kieslowski.
He also worked with Jean Becker (for « Elisa » César of Best Original Movie Soundtrack in 1996, « Rouge » also elected Best Original Movie Soundtrack in 1995), but in the same time Preisner worked with Thomas Vinterberg (« It’s All About Love) and with Claude Miller (« Un Secret »).

  • 1. Miłosc od pierwszego wejrzenia (Love At First Sight) interprété par Zbigniew ZAMACHOWSKI
    2. Fashion show I
    3. Meeting the judge
    4. The tapped conversation
    5. Leaving the judge
    6. Psychoanalysis
    7. Today is my birthday
    8. Do not take another man's wife I
    9. Treason
    10. Fashion show II
    11. Conversation at the theatre
    12. The rest of the conversation at the theatre
    13. Do not take another man's wife II
    14. Catastrophe
    15. Finale

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