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  • DW43Long Player  £25.00

    Deluxe Gatefold, 180 Gram LP. 500 worldwide black vinyl


Death Waltz

Michael Perilstein

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers OST

Available for the first time on ever on Vinyl, Michael Perilstein's (The Deadly Spawn) score to one of the most absurd horror films ever put to celluloid. Part Noir, part sexploitation comedy, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers is a cult classic with a truly killer soundtrack that is just as goofy as the film it underscores. Complete with a collection of bonus cues newly recorded by Perilstein. Featuring original artwork by We Buy Your Kids, and all new liner notes by the composer.

  • Side A.
    1. First Time I Saw Your Face
    2. Private Dick On The Prowl
    3. Whore Today, Gone Tomorrow
    4. Voted Most Likely To Suck Seed
    5. Sex Minutes To Death
    6. Hollywood And Bust
    7. Honkytonk Hooker Blues
    8. Chainsaw Out Of Gas
    9. Ritual In Oil And Chainsaws

    Side B
    10. Charming & Disarming
    11. The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face (Version)
    12. I Came I Sawed I Conquered
    13. By Hooker By Crook

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