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Land of freedom

Land of freedom

Wim Wenders's emotional LAND OF PLENTY is a powerful exploration of post-9/11 America. John Diehl gives a strong performance as Paul, a Vietnam Vet who is haunted by the events of September 11 and drives the streets of Los Angeles searching for terrorists he is sure are going to strike again. DAWSON CREEK's Michelle Williams, in a breakout role, plays Paul's niece, Lana, who has been living in Israel and has come to California to work at a homeless mission. Each is firmly dedicated to what they see is their job of making America better--and safer--even though they come from two very different worlds.

When a homeless Muslim is gunned down, Paul and Lana team up on a road trip; while Lana wants to deliver the body to the dead man's family, Paul wants to find the terrorist cell he believes the man was working for. Their cross-country journey reveals several sides of America and its multitude of reactions to the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.