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  • ART310DVDDVD  £6.00

Familia Rodante

Familia Rodante

A hilarious and charming road movie, Familia Rodante is the latest feature from Pablo Trapero, one of the new generation of directors currently revolutionising Argentinian cinema. The tale begins in Buenos Aries with the 84th birthday celebration of Grandma Emilia, who tells her stunned family that she has been invited to be matron of honour at her niece s wedding and expects them to accompany her on the thousand kilometre trip. One heavy dose of emotional blackmail later, thirteen members of four generations cram into a ramshackle old camper van and set off on the epic journey across Argentina. As the days pass and the van hobbles towards its destination, emotions within its cramped confines run high and the journey seems set to last a lot longer than any of its occupants had bargained for.