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Stones Throw

Guilty Simpson & Madlib

OJ Simpson

producer madlib otis jackson mc guilty simpson oj simpson no bloodstained gloves or slomo freeway pursuits just12 hardhitting straightfromthegutter hip hop tracks featuring guilty's inimitable baritone and an equal number of madlib's signature albumassoundtrackradiosideshow arrangements where the beat and sequence is as important as the rap this with a couple nononsense guest appearances some cuts by jrocc and a whole bunch of attitude makes up one of the best underground hip hop projects in a long while the charisma that detroit's heavy hitting mc guilty simpson and the los angeles based beat konducta madlib share testifies to a musical kinship that is rare in today's rapperasanaccessory marketplace going back to guilty's first appearance on wax jaylib's 'strapped' in 2003 guilty over a madlib beat is like hearing guru over premier circa 'daily operation' or cl over pete around the time of 'straighten it out' some times an ill rapper and a dope producer just work that well together

  • 1. Prelude
    2. Introduction
    3. O.J. Simpson
    4. Pimp Rap Interlude
    5. New Heights
    6. Karma of a Kingpin
    7. Think Twice Interlude
    8. Coroner's Music
    9. A Friend's Help Interlude
    10. Back On the Road Again
    11. Gone Crazy Interlude
    12. Hood Sentence
    13. Preacher's Wife Interlude
    14. Cali Hills
    15. Something Bad (Intermission One)
    16. Something Good (Intermission Two)
    17. Scratch Warning (Feat. Frank)
    18. Hold Your Applause Interlude
    19. Outside (Feat. Strong Arm Steady)
    20. Bow Wow Interlude
    21. Mic Check 313
    22. Trendsetters
    23. 100 Styles
    24. Outro

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