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Miles Away: The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble

Jazz the first album in madlib's yesterdays universe deepjazz collection madlib's been busy these last couple years and while his recorded output always runs the gamut he often returns to similar themes spread across the genres that serve as his touchstones 2010 will be an ambitious and prolific year for madlib and among the vast output will be a string of albums based around the nowdefunct yesterdays new quintet's spin off bands which he first introduced on the 'yesterdays universe' album weu2019re talking jazz dad and the first of these albums is by the last electroacoustic space jazz percussion ensemble 'miles away' is madlib's tribute to a his jazz heroes from the 60s and mainly 70s with suites waltzes ballads modal numbers and swinging funk covers and original inspirations from the wellknown roy ayers pharoah sanders john coltrane to the cult phil ranelin harry whitaker this band' shows an organic growth from their earliest releases the limited edition 'summer suite' and 'fall suite' electric flute moog and synths stand aside accordions sitars and vibraphones in an album that could only originate in the mind of a loopdigging beat konducta as reverent of jazz's deep traditions as he is inventive of his own revolutionary ones double lp in gatefold jacket

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