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Luaka Bop

Brazil Classics

The Hips Of Tradition The Return Of Tom Ze

The amazing Tom Ze, or as he wrote to us when we were working on this album, “Should I change my name? It could be Ze Tom Ze? Or Tom Tom Ze?” This was his first newly recorded album after being ‘rediscovered’ and it’s as surprising and special as one would expect from this iconoclast. “Inspired by hard-lit and science fiction, Ze’s tick-tocking sambas and comforting cancaos range from the painfully touching to the instructably conceptual.”

  • 1. Ogodo, Ano 2000
    2. Sem A Letra 'A'
    3. Feira De Santana
    4. Sofro De Juventude
    5. Cortina 1
    6. Tai
    7. Iracema
    8. Fliperama
    9. O Amor E Velho - Menina
    10. Cortina 2
    11. Tatuaramba
    12. Jingle Do Disco
    13. Lua - Gira
    14. Cortina 3
    15. Multiplicar - Se Unica
    16. Cortina 4
    17. O Pao Nosso De Cada Mes
    18. Amar

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