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Eric Stanton

The Dominant Wives and Other Stories

Books Magazines Femmes fatales have their way This title features 20 stories from America's premier fetish artist Eric Stanton 19261999 was America's premier fetish artist a man of very particular tastes as all fetishists are Most keep their work and sex preferences separate but Stanton made his desires the center of his art pouring his passions onto the page These preferences included in no particular order female dominance female fighting mixed gender wrestling and face sitting Perhaps if the man born Ernest Stanzoni in New York City 1926 had grown taller all would have been different As happened he topped out around 5'5 165 cm making him smaller and weaker than many women and rather than bemoan this shortcoming he chose to eroticize it Then like Robert Crumb and Tom of Finland to follow he put his fantasies on paper Stanton produced paperback book covers magazine illustrations comics and even wrestling and smother videos but what he is best known for is his Stantoons selfpublished 16 to 28page booklets produced between 1982 and his death in 1999 These booklets best represent Stanton's rich and complex fantasy life as well as the lives of his fans whose fantasies he also incorporated This new hardback edition of The Dominant Wives amp Other Stories brings together the finest of the Stantoons along with Stanton's most famous series for Irving Klaw Bound ill Leather parts 1 and 2 Done in pencil pen and ink gouache and mixed media these 20 stories represent the best of Stanton who represents the best of fetish

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