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  • 9780141198972Magazines + Books  £4.00

Penguin English Library

Edgar Allen Poe

The Murders In The Rue Morgue

'... an agility astounding, a strength superhuman, a ferocity brutal, a butchery without motive, a grotesquerie in horror absolutely alien from humanity...'

The violent murder of a mother and daughter in Paris leaves the police baffled - but the reclusive Dupin, an amateur detective, decides to investigate simply in his desire for truth and to prove a falsely imprisoned man innocent. Through his ground-breaking investigation, Dupin will reveal the incredible truth of this shocking misdeed.

Poe's 1842 story was written as a study of ingenuity against murder, or the power of the brain against brute force. In his masterful uncovering of the crime and the criminal, Dupin himself is the forerunner of all great fictional detectives.

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